Seeker (Rust)

Unsafe for some new customers who reported ban on inject. Some have been undetected since 15th September 2023. No new customers allowed until investigated. Make a ticket for product password if current customer using safely.

Mojojojo (R6)

Undetected since 16th April 2024

Kuno (Apex)

Detected since 4th June 2024

Neumann (Val)

Undetected since 18th June 2023

Nala Lite (OW2)

Undetected since 23rd January 2024

Nala Pro (OW2)

Undetected since 23rd January 2024

Ruyyware (ALL)

Undetected since 1st January 0001BC


Old LynxTech x iThaLove Firmware


Undetected before March 2024
Unsure between March and May 2024.A few reports for Fortnite and Rust.




Detected ASL... Once again, gamerdoc reigns supreme... I hope you know that my Turkish family of 8 will no longer eat any more because of this detection. Now I must resort to boosting on Eldorado without external assistance.