For some games like Rust, Apex, and EFT, you can get away with just having a DMA. Depending on the DMA cheat you use, you’ll be able to use chams, aimbot that doesn’t rely on an HID device, and usually visuals or radars that you can see on your second pc. However, if you’re playing other games with better implementations of Battleeye, EAC, or Vanguard, you’ll probably want more hardware. 

Simply put…

  • If you want to use ESP without the lag, hassle, and possible anti-cheat flagging of gamestreaming (like Moonlight or Parsec), then you should get a FUSER.
  • If you want to use Aimbot, Triggerbot, and other mouse/keyboard input-related features (tapstrafing on apex for example or auto-stop on Valorant), then you will want a KMBOX NET or KMBOX B+ PRO

There are some technical differences but here’s the jist:

  • KMBox NET is newer, so not all features are implemented in a stable state. However, from my testing and based on the general consensus, NET performs better overall. I personally notice less input lag and it feels like it operates at a higher polling rate, but it could also be the percs talking.
  • KMBox B+ Pro is great, you can edit everything via a .py file (like your polling rate, VID, and PID), and it doesn’t communicate over network. It is also more supported widely among DMA cheats and pasters.

So, if you want something that will perform a little bit better with less customization options (as of now), then get the KMBox NET.

If you want a more widely supported and easier to modify device, get a KMBox B+ Pro.

Simply put, you plug the DMA into your main PC in the PCIe slot, then connect the DMA to a second PC via the included USB-C to USB-A cable. You can run software for game assistance from the second PC without anything running on your main PC, making the experience safer in most instances.

  • v2 has a heat shield
  • v2 has two ports instead of a singular port.
  • v2 has  a different board type (constraints more widely known)
  • v2 has a physical killswitch
  • v2 DOES NOT come with lifetime firmware updates for free.

Both v1 and v2 are the same speeds & chipset. 

Heck yeah. One of the fastest DMA devices on the market.

We ship internationally from Hong Kong. 

FOR THE FREE SHIPPING: Batches are shipped on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Delivery times usually 3-5 days.
FOR THE EXTRA PAID SHIPPING: Batches are shipped within 24-48 hours. Delivery times usually 3-5 days.


For LynxDMA the firmware is pre-flashed to the boards so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. Also, we use unique firmware, not pooled firmware like SOME providers. You also get lifetime updates for BE/EAC/VG.

Nope! LynxDMA v1 has open constraints on UnknownCheats and LynxDMA v2 is an open board! Feel free to paste.


Usually 24-48 hours.

The greatest gosh darn firmware dev alive, iThaLove.


Really none, just make sure that your second PC can handle it. Some older PCs can’t handle it, they must support “AVX2”.

Yes, there is a transparent mode for game streaming. Just make sure the method you’re using is undetected for the game you’re playing,


It depends. Make sure to check the product description for possible requirements.

It depends. Make sure to check the product description.

For all of them except for Neumann (Val) you can use any video settings. For Neumann (Val) you will have to use Fullscreen Windowed or Windowed for the visuals to show.

Yep! The cheat is streamproof when streaming only the game (OBS, Action!, etc).

Yes, if you’re from China and looking for a cheat called “SO”, this is it.

Watch this video! Dual booting isn’t hard or scary, just a little intimidating at first.